10 Misconceptions About Healthy Eating That You Must Start To Look Out For

There are thousands of so-called experts who constantly advise us what we need to eat, and what is not exactly why it is sometimes difficult to determine who are true and who does not. Well, if you want to protect yourself, take a look at the following 10 misconceptions that you should start to look out …

  1. Oil

Vegetable oils, especially olive, are considered by many to be low-calorie and for a better choice of animal fats. But 1 gram of oil and 1 gram of fat have the same calorie value. Only high-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils are a much better choice for you because of unsaturated fatty acids that contain them.

  1. Fruit juices

Fruit juices that you can buy in the stores actually have a huge concentrate of fruit juices that have added a myriad of sugars and sweeteners that are harmful to you.

  1. Ice teas and tasty water

Ice tea contains equal and sometimes more sugar content in its composition as well as fruit juice. Water with taste is also not free of sugars and other types of supplements. Instead, squeeze lemon or any other fruit into 1 liter of water and get excellent and natural flavored water. Also, if you want ice tea, prepare it yourself at your home.

  1. Agave and maple syrup

Similar to the fats, sugar in any shape has a value of 4 calories per gram. These natural sweeteners have the same calorie value as white sugar. The only difference is that most of them are made up of fructose and are more suitable for diabetics.

  1. Healthy” bread and baked goods

They are considered “healthy” because they are dark, but that does not mean they contain enough nutrients. The true integral bread has adequate weight and consistency, as well as it contains pieces of whole grains of cereals and seeds. It costs more, but is much more delicious and more saturated than those that you can find across the markets.

  1. Fruity and Greek yogurt

They are considered a healthy choice, mostly due to the fruits they contain, but are very much more liquid than ordinary yoghurt and contain up to 3 times more sugars. If you want a really healthy fruit yogurt, then do it yourself at your home.

  1. Energy tiles

Even those containing simple sugars rapidly increase the blood glucose level, while some even increase the amount of sodium. Proper alteration for them are several almonds and hazelnuts combined with dark chocolate.

  1. Cereal for breakfast

In the markets you can find many variations of “fit” and “healthy” cereals with various additives of fruits, nuts and chocolate cubes, but most of them contain vast amounts of sugars and very little protein. Cereal grains in combination with yogurt are a much wiser choice.

  1. Milk spreads

The finished dairy spreads are rich in saturated fat from whole milk. Leaf cheese tips can be done very quickly and at home, and will be very healthier for you.

  1. Dietary products

They have reduced the amount of fat, but at the same time the amount of sugar and protein increased. Always read the product declarations for these products before you buy them, as most of them have reduced nutritional value.

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