3 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Blood Type

The blood group is a hereditary and immutable characteristic of humans. It can affect our entire life, yet many do not know exactly what their blood type is. Read below why it’s very important to know this information about you …

  1. The blood group provides a deep insight into your genetics

Knowing the blood group can be of great help in understanding how your body reacts to particular foods, which diseases you might be prone to, how you react to stress, how you aged and for many more things …

With this in mind, the blood group can serve as a navigation tool for determining what is good and what is bad for you. Studies have shown that in people with a particular blood group there is a certain risk of specific diseases, for example, in individuals with blood type 0, there is a lower risk of heart disease but greater for gastric ulcer.

  1. The blood group helps determine the healthiest way of eating

Antigens (molecules that induce antibody production) of your blood type are not found only in the blood. They are spread throughout the body, especially in parts of the body that interact with the environment. It includes the digestive system, from the mouth to the colon, and the airways and lungs. Since they are everywhere, they have a major impact on the way your body reacts to the food you consume.

On the other hand, certain foods contain lectins, a type of protein that binds with blood group antigens and cause agglutination of the blood, which makes you feel tired, headache, digestive problems and develop skin problems.

  1. Knowing the blood group can save your life

The most important reason you should know your blood type is due to the fact that this information could save your life in the event of a car or other type of accident when you need a blood transfusion.

If you do not yet know your blood type, we hope that by reading this text you will change your mind and you will visit your doctor this week to find out …


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