4 Unexpected Things That An Eye Doctor Can Reveal For Your General Health

Yes, your eyes are a window to your soul. But they can also be of great help to your general health. That’s why you should take the following advice from Dr. Mark Jacquа to help you better monitor your health through your eyes. Certain health conditions do not affect vision when they are in the early stage, but their early indicators can be noticed by eye check. Your family doctor is surely paying attention to these signs on a regular basis, but if you are curious, look at the following things that the eye doctor can discover about your health.


If the doctor detects expired blood capillaries in your eye, it will immediately be taken as a sign that you are a diabetic. Diabetes causes significant visual damage over time, and this can be prevented if the initial signs are seen during eye examination. In this way you can begin to fight on this condition early and save your sight for the rest of your life. If not heeded, diabetes can also damage small vessels in the brain and kidneys.

Tumors in the brain

During an eye exam, physicians directly monitor the blood vessels and optic nerves leading to the brain. That’s why, if they see any swelling or shadow, it’s a big sign that there may be something serious in your brain, like tumors and dangerous clots that can lead to strokes. Often, additional tests are needed in these situations, but only a basic eye test is sufficient to detect something that can be further investigated.

High blood pressure

It seems that one of the easiest ways to spot hypertension or high blood pressure is through routine eye check. It is easily seen in small and delicate blood vessels in the eyes. As blood pressure increases, the eye doctor will begin to notice the narrowing of the arteries in the eyes. If this condition persists for a long time, the arteries in the eyes may also receive silver or copper.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol can produce stone build-up on the walls of the blood vessels, resulting in the dysfunction of the arteries in the body. This can also happen in the eyes, creating an easy sign that the eye doctor can immediately notice. He can see cholesterol that is arranged in the back of the eye, as well as in the front, which looks like a thin and gray frame around the cornea.

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