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5 Habits That Make French Women Fit And Slim

They are known as ladies who manage to stay in top form, even though they eat bread, delicatessen cheeses and buttercups, and they also have three meals a day, with daily wine consumption.


French nights see them as sensual enjoyment and not prone to diets, yet they can boast an enviable whim. What is the secret?

The five habits that make French women fit and slim is:

  1. Moderation is the key

French cuisine is known for cheeses, wines, creamy sauces, croissants and various delicious desserts. But the french do not eat such food constantly. And, when they eat, they eat smaller portions, which are quite sufficient to satisfy their desire. So it is with the wine – it is drunk slowly and moderately.

  1. Smart food selection

French shops are packed full-bodied foods, potatoes, sour cream, cheeses, good pieces of meat, and rarely on the shelves you will find non-fat or diet food. But when you think about it, the unprocessed food has a full and satisfying taste, so it’s less eaten during the meal. So, the meals consist of foods that are not processed, and the meat and fish with vegetables are the meal that is most often found in their bowls. Even children are served real food, not cobs, and from the earliest age they are taught to eat with a spoon and fork.

  1. French ladies want to enjoy while eating

Their rule is simple: if you eat foods that do not satisfy you, it’s not nice or sufficient, it’s a bad meal. Thus, the French people eat food that gives them a sense of pleasure, but they always take care of the balance. If they eat something sweet, they will reduce the amount of the rest of the food, but they will not have the care of a conscience, nor will they hurt something on their body, which is already known to be not good.

  1. Walking

French women love to walk, and this is another secret of their slender lines. The more you are busy, the more you move, making your body and health better.

  1. Their meal is a feast for them

Food is enjoyed slowly, and meals serve for socialization and rest, as well as enjoyment. A family breakfast, lunch or dinner are not just food for the body, but for the soul.

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