5 Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Tea is a standout among the most esteemed and alcoholic refreshments around the globe. Other than the way that it is a great and modest beverage without calories, it contains interesting characteristic fixings that give us many medical benefits. A growing number of studies have demonstrated that tea, especially green tea and dark tea, have a high level of antiviral, calming and cancer prevention agent properties.

We show you the 5 main health benefits of drinking green tea.

  1. Oral health or health of the oral cavity

Together with the characteristic fluoride contained in green tea, polyphenols and catechins are related with the security of oral wellbeing and the murdering of microorganisms that reason tooth rot, terrible breath and paradentosis, which thus is the primary driver of tooth rot.

A study found that consuming several cups of green tea a day could significantly reduce the risk of tooth loss. Adding sugar, honey or other sweet supplements leads to the loss of these tea benefits.

  1. Bone health

The habit of drinking green tea, especially for many years, significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis. This means that green tea helps reduce bone loss through the anti-inflammatory processes it causes. It also helps in creating new and healthy bone cells.

  1. Weight loss

Although there are still a lot of research on this subject, the catechins contained in green tea are thought to cause thermogenesis, that is, heating the body leading to melting of calories and thus loss of body mass. Drinking at least 3 cups per day speeds up metabolism.

  1. Cancer

Numerous studies in this area have shown that green tea plays an important role in preventing the formation of cancer cells or cancer. These include cancer of the pancreas, prostate, breast cancer, colon, bladder, abdomen, esophagus, lung, etc. Catechins prevent the mutation of healthy cells, the formation of carcinogens, and reduce the risk of the formation and growth of any tumors.

  1. Heart Health

Drinking green tea is also associated with a reduction in the incidence of heart disease and heart attacks, i.e. infarcts. A study by Harvard shows that people who drink at least 1 cup of green tea per day have a 44% lower risk of heart disease than those who do not consume it. Some animal studies, however, have shown that drinking green tea reduces blood cholesterol directly affecting the health of the heart.

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