5 Things You Should Know About Cellulite If You Want To Get Rid Of It

It looks like an orange peel, it’s bad, stubborn and perceptible. It is on the legs, on the buttocks, on the stomach, on the hands … Guess what it is about? Of course, it’s your worst enemy at stake … Cellulite! Post a war! We deciphered it and discovered the best ways to start this fight this spring as a winner. Nine out of ten girls have a cellulite that changes the surface of the skin and reduces its firmness, so if you are one of them, read the following five rules you need to know to get to know and win your enemy.

  1. The fat has a rhythm

Each cell, and even fat, has its own biorhythm. Thus fat from the body is released in the morning (called liposomes), and are accumulated in the evening (called lipogenesis).

What does that mean?

Only the overall care for itself can leave lasting results when it comes to attenuation. And when it comes to diet, exercise, and even massage, the same chronobiotics laws apply, so the right moment plays a decisive role: the action to prevent accumulated fat must follow when the cell naturally gets rid of fat.

  1. Morning and afternoon diet

If we want to eat healthy without obesity, we need to respect the balance of filling and emptying the fat cells, because these processes regulate insulin.

What does that mean?

Insulin is a key process for the collection of spare fats. In the morning it is easiest to dispose of fat cells. We can afford a sweet or energetic energy breakfast. In the first half of the day, we should absorb 70 to 80% of the daily energy input. In the evening, mechanisms for intensive fat collection are started, so the meal must not be overwhelming.

  1. What is the best sport?

Circulation improves by repeating the heel pressure.

What does that mean?

That the best sport in the fight against cellulite is the jogging. You can replace it with walking to keep your wrists secure. Regularly engage in any physical activity, if possible two to three times a week, and at least 40 minutes without interruption.

  1. What and how to eat?

Balanced diet is important, as is the way we eat.

What does that mean?

Golden Rule: From three to five meals a day at the same time. Avoid stressful situations during meals, eat slowly and chew food. Eat at a certain time. Eject the “very hot” and “very cold” because they can irritate your digestive tract. Avoid foods that blow your stomach (for example, sprouts, rabbit …)

  1. Massage is key

The massage, according to therapists, affects the success of the fight against infiltrated cellulite.

What does that mean?

The massage acts on the squeezing and stimulation of microcirculation and releases from stress that causes storage of fats and water retention. Along with the massage, you should drink at least one liter of water per day.

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