6 Early Symptoms Of Heart Attack That Occur Only With Women

The heart attack is one of the main causes of early death in modern life. Unfortunately, this disease usually attacks without any warning, but there are still several signs that our body sends us moments before the tragedy, which you must learn to recognize if you want to increase your chance of survival.

  1. Back pain, neck, jaw and arms

These signs can be confusing because the heart attack is most commonly associated with chest pain or left hand. Pain can be progressive, boring, acute, or sudden. Can even wake you from sleep. That’s why you should immediately consult a doctor if you feel any pain you can not explain.

  1. Sharp pain in the stomach and a feeling of nausea

Some of the signs that warn of a heart attack may be confused with signs of poisoning, influenza, or zest. Some women feel pressure around the abdomen, which they describe as an “elephant sitting on the stomach”.

  1. Cold sweat

A cold sweat is another symptom that only occurs among women. It may appear to be something related to stress, but if you did not have similar symptoms before, immediately visit a specialist.

  1. Lack of air and dizziness

Breathing problems without obvious cause are loyal companions of a heart attack, especially if they appear with someone else from the symptoms of this list. Women who have suffered a heart attack say they felt like running a marathon, even if they did not move with any part of the body.

  1. Increased fatigue

Even if you feel fatigued after long periods of rest and you cannot do any simple activity such as visiting the restroom, this is an alarming signal that you should pay attention to the condition of your cardiovascular system.

  1. Pressure and chest pain

Chest pain, an unpleasant feeling, burning or a feeling of pressure are symptoms that occur in both men and women just before the heart attack. Keep in mind that women, instead of on the left side of the chest, experience pain throughout the area, and if the feeling of pressure does not disappear for a few minutes, contact your doctor immediately.


Note: These symptoms do not guarantee that you will have a heart attack, but with their combination, as well as the fact of how often they appear, you should be a sufficient reason to consult a doctor. The medical care you get at the right time is the key to your life. Take care of yourself!

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