6 Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Teeth

You may wash your teeth every day, but if you make any of these mistakes they are not well protected. Useful advice on how to correct them.

  1. Wash your teeth at the wrong time

The toothbrush should be the last thing that touches your teeth in the evening. If you bite something after washing your teeth, it will keep on them and start damaging them.

  1. Use the wrong brush

Choose a toothbrush with soft fibers because it cleans the enamel better. Those with a firmer strand can even slightly damage the enamel and expose the root of the tooth of damage.

  1. You have the wrong brushing technique

Crossing the toothbrush does not finish the job. It is recommended turning the wrist to 30-45 degrees when you brush the enamel in order to better wash up what causes a tartar. Washing the back of the jaw should be done by vertically holding the brush, and it is necessary to wash well the back of the mouth. All this should take two minutes twice a day, and you should keep 30 seconds each quarter of your jaw.

  1. Do not rinse your mouth well

The mouth should rinse well after brushing your teeth. Spitting the toothpaste is not enough, because in that way, what you have removed from your teeth remains in your mouth.

  1. You do not pay attention to the rest of your mouth

Whole mouth washes, not just teeth. Small food residues can be stuck in the tongue and become a fertile field for creating bacteria that damage their teeth.

  1. Do not change the brush

Doctors recommend changing the brush every three to four months. The worn-out brushes will not effectively remove what needs to be removed and the washing of teeth with them is almost useless. Also, they need to change after you recover from a disease because they may still have the bacteria that have fallen sick for you.

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