6 Things In Your Home That Disturb Your Health

    When we think of things that can make us sick, the first things that come to our mind are public toilets, chests in cafes and restaurants, and the fear of hygiene in restaurants. But when it comes to bacteria, there are things in the homes they collect and transmit – that can potentially endanger your health.

  1. Drawers and shelves in the fridge

The refrigerator, where most of the food is stored, has several places that collect bacteria from which you can get infected and get sick. Milk or juice that has slightly leaked on the shelves or drawer collects mold, which can reach your healthy food. Also, the fruits and vegetables you store in the drawers are a potentially bacteria-primarily because of the fact that we place them unwashed (usually the habit is to wash before use) and because microorganisms and moisture develop over time , which can get you sick. So, for your own good, wash everything that you bought before putting it in the refrigerator and more often clean the interior.

  1. Sheets

The bedclothes are the most loved place of the supposed residential “dusty parasites”. These little imperatives can exasperate hypersensitivities, enable you to get along, in addition to other things. They duplicate and wet in the wet condition, so in the morning, frequently ventilate the room and don’t cover the sheets – enable time to dry the stickiness and keep these parasites.

  1. Blender

Though chopping fruits and vegetables is a sign of a healthy life, it seems that this kitchen appliance can disrupt your health. Namely, the blades at the bottom of the blender regularly collect liquids and small residues over time, and thus “rouse” awesome bacteria. It is recommended, after each use, to remove the blade from the blender with clean hands and wash it well, not just swallow the blender with water.

  1. Mold

Mold is often found in homes, and often we do not notice it when it appears in some corners or hidden parts of the home. Most often it appears and spreads of wood, plasterboard and wallpaper, and is responsible for causing allergies to one in three people, as well as in worsening of asthma, in the men they already have. Although not every type of mold is toxic (only 50 of the 100,000 species), still check the home well for it. If you start sneezing, coughing, or scratching, look for help from an expert and find a way to get rid of the mold in the house.

  1. Heating

Specialists say that if each room in the house isn’t at a comparable temperature, your body must be always adjusted to hot/cool, which can disturb blood stream to the heart. What’s more, on the off chance that it is excessively hot and the air is dry in the home, it will influence your health: it dries the regular dampness of the eyes and can cause eye disease. Likewise, this can cause a hack around evening time, in light of the fact that the layers on the surface of the lungs don’t have adequate dampness.


Ensure each room in the home has a comparative temperature and get a humidifier that will change the dry air in the home.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

If you do not clean the vacuum cleaner regularly, you expose yourself and your family to awesome microbes and bacteria that attack your border and cause allergies and respiratory diseases.


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