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6 Types Of Foods And Beverages That Exacerbate The Cold

We all know that when we are sick, hot tea or soup can make us feel much better and healthier. But there are certain types of foods and drinks that you must avoid at any price if you do not want to worsen the symptoms. Here’s the deal …

  1. Purchased fruit juice

Drained fruit juices are full of vitamins and minerals that the painful body needs, but this does not apply to the juices purchased at the store. Namely, these beverages contain large amounts of sugar that “steal” the vitamins from the body, and thus weaken immunity.

  1. Fried foods

Fried food is not good for you when you are healthy, so imagine how much it hurts when your body is weakened by a virus. It is packed with saturated fatty acids that are difficult to digest. Therefore, they significantly impair the digestive system of the organism, which during the illness certainly works with reduced force.

  1. Café

During the illness, the consumption of liquids must be increased. Bearing this in mind, coffee, or caffeine that contains it, acts as a strong diuretic that can cause dehydration of the already weakened organism.

  1. Sour food

No matter what kind of food it is, if it is sour, it can further damage the already damaged mucous membrane and thus strengthen the symptoms of the disease. This rule also applies to acid fruits, such as oranges and tangerines.

  1. Alcohol

Like coffee, alcohol also releases fluid from the body and thus causes dehydration. On the other hand, mixing alcohol with certain drugs can reduce their effect.

  1. Dairy products

Although dairy products contain proteins and vitamin D that help strengthen the body, they simultaneously increase the secretion of natural mucus in the body, which can further exacerbate coughing.

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