7 Subtle Signs That You Are Geting Sick (And How To Prevent The Cold Before It Develops!)

If you are tempted to persist continually, then it’s time to learn how to protect yourself from this drowsy and unpleasant health condition. If you know the right protection techniques, you will quickly realize that it is not so difficult to prevent the occurrence of a common cold. All you have to do is to make minor changes in your everyday life and never again get sick! Discover the subtle early signs that you are getting cold and preventing the cold before it develops …

  1. Your energy is decreasing

This is especially noticeable in the workplace when there is a need to maintain a balance of energy in order to complete the obligations on time. If at the end of the day you feel more tired than usual, there is a chance that you will develop a cold.

Solution: Take time to relax and relax. Chronic stress destroys immunity, making it unable to fight against diseases.

  1. You begin to feel discomfort in the throat

Colds attack the respiratory system the most, and therefore they can best be recognized in the upper part of the body. Pay close attention to your throat.

Solution: Make gargle with salt water. Although it may sound ridiculous, this habit will help you reduce inflammation and accumulate lumps.

  1. You start having problem with the nose

This is no doubt a sign of developmental illness. The areas around the nose and sinuses are the first to manifest the symptoms of viruses.

Solution: Swim in hot water – this is the best remedy for nasal symptoms! Steam from hot water reduces swelling in the nasal membranes and relieves breathing.

  1. Pressure in the sinuses

Very often you can feel pain or pressure around the sinuses if you have been attacked by a cold. Symptoms include headache, pressure, tingling and tired eyes.

Solution: Eat chicken soup as the electrolytes it contains, as well as the combination of heat and salt are great for hydration.

  1. You notice that you’re coughing

There is no “harmless” cough. Every time you need to cough, even if it’s a rare cough, your body wants to tell you that it’s having some kind of problem.

Solution: Lift your head to higher – with pillows. Lying on a flat surface allows clogging in the sinuses and irritation of the throat, which is an unwanted consequence of the force of gravity. Well, defy nature’s laws by sleeping on more pillows.

  1. You feel tightening in the chest

As the virus lowers down, it can very often cause a feeling of tightening in the chest. Sometimes this tightening is so subtle that you can barely notice it if you are not looking for it.

Solution: Start with easy exercises. Many studies have shown that physical activity can boost your immunity and protect you from any kind of disease.

  1. You have a dashed dream

When we get sick, the viruses have a habit of playing our pattern of sleep. This is not surprising at all because our bodies have an impeccable talent to detect something that is wrong.

Solution: Consume tea before sleeping with a reassuring effect. Tea will relax your whole body and help you to sleep the night without interruption – allowing immunity to get rid of the cold.

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