9 Signs That Indicate That You Are Under Stress

Sometimes, until the glass is overflowed, we can not stop to notice the signs of fatigue, stress, nervousness, high blood pressure, and powerless. We are capable of pushing forward until the moment we can not physically or physically abide. Too many obligations, too many desires, big ambitions. All this brings us a huge amount of stress in life, so instead of beautiful moments, we live anxiously and constantly under stress.

The following 9 signs indicate that the level of stress in your life is quite high, so it’s time to stand up and breathe on the moment.

  1. You want to stay in bed forever

When the body and mind are exhausted, staying in bed is always a good idea. You are always asleep, and even when you get up in the morning, you’d better close your eyes and continue to enjoy the warmth of your bed than to face the day before you. This is because you subconsciously feel that you are expecting more stressful situations for which you and so do not already have enough energy.

  1. You are constantly feeling fatigued

Even when you sleep well 8-9 hours, you wake up tired and without energy. Apart from the desire for non-stopping from bed, your body does not really have the energy for it. That’s all because of the stress you feel, and even though you think that while you are resting, you actually turn your head into a bed all night. Your mind is burdened with all that causes you stress, and even when you are sleeping, the mind is thinking about it.

  1. Often you get sick

When the body is stressed, its immune system may drop by as much as 30 percent. That means you are 30 times more exposed to various diseases, bacteria, viruses, and so on. The likelihood that you become ill will become much greater, and you will likely get sick more than once. This suggests that it may be time to stop a little.

  1. Forgetting more than ever

Stress works by completely attacking your brain. In small quantities it may have a positive effect (for example, if you are a student and before you are taking an important exam, the solution to the problem you’ve been struggling with all day can come to your sleep), but in larger quantities it affects you it mocks thoughts, memories and rational thinking, so you forget and do not even remember the most basic things (for example, it happened during the day you could not find the solution anyway). This also applies to everyday routine matters, such as forgetting where you have put the car keys and so on.

  1. You think your head will explode at any moment

You feel tension everywhere in the body and you think everything is gathering in your head which seems to explode at any moment. This is because all the tension that you feel along the body travels up the back of the neck, causing the bloating of the blood vessels that then press on the brain tissue. This tension throughout the body exists because of the stress you feel in large quantities. And loud and clear that you should finally relax a bit.

  1. You do not have a strong desire for sex

When you are constantly in the running and with anxieties, at the end of the day you just want to lie down and forget about everything. This means that whoever awaits you at home will have to wait until you get rid of what is causing you stress to get sexual attention from you. Stress destroys the desire for sex, but if you work on techniques to reduce it, you will soon see that the desire and the need for sexual pleasure will again be part of your life.

  1. You are in emotional chaos

A person who is under stress is vulnerable to rapid and easily induced, different emotional states. This means that it easily moves from being located in a nervous, sad, and again in a happy, etc. That person can be the most entertaining and weird person in a moment, and then to break out for the slightest trifle in the next. All of this is the guilt of stress that affects by giving control over the emotions of the primitive part of the brain, and the part with which you can predict how things will work out is out of control. In the end, this person finds himself reacting on the basis of his instinct, rather than his combination with rational thinking.

  1. You feel like everything is turning over to your stomach

Do you know what a feeling of discomfort and constriction in the stomach accompanied by nausea and vomiting? Is that the feeling you have when you are under stress? Experts call the gut a human’s mini brain because it is home to many neurotransmitters. This means that stress inevitably affects what happens to your stomach, that is, nutrition, appetite, pain, and feeling that everything is turning inside.

  1. You get panic attacks

Panic attacks can be interpreted in different ways, but in general, they all come down to one important thing: you can not breathe. When you feel that you can not do something or you will not get it on time, and when you’re already under great stress, you start to breathe hard, your heart beats quickly, and three hundred situations pass through your head that tell you all your goals and ambitions are far from possible. And you feel that you can not breathe, so you can not keep your tears as you think your whole world is crumbling in front of your eyes. Panic attacks can be very dangerous, so as such you should not overlook them at all.

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