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9 Things That Could Reduce Your Menstrual Pain

Many women face painful menstrual cycles. In this case, almost all patients take pills to reduce unbearable pain. But what everyone remembers is that there are a number of natural ways that are really effective and can help in such a case. Most of them are easily accessible and immediately act. These are the 9 natural tricks that can help you get rid of menstrual pains, which you probably never tried …

  1. Ginger

It is known that ginger has a very positive impact on human health, so it is not surprising that it can help in this case. Drink tea from ginger or use it as a spice in cooking. This will calm your stomach and reduce menstrual cramps in your stomach.

  1. Yoga

This is the best way to cause blood circulation in all parts of the body without exercising cardio. Make some simple yoga exercises and stretch your body. You will notice that the heart rhythm is accelerating and as you begin to heat up, the spasms will decrease.

  1. Cinnamon

Sprinkle cinnamon on your tea or your dessert. Cinnamon has features that act against inflammation and make your pain tolerable.

  1. Chamomile tea

This tea has a calming effect and will relax your muscles, thanks to which the pain in the stomach will be reduced. Drink one to two cups when you have really severe pains or every night before bedtime.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender has a reassuring effect not only on the senses, but also on the muscles. Smear the stomach parts where the spas are the strongest with lavender oil and gently massage for 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Anise

Anise is great for the digestive system and helps to increase circulation that will allow each part of your body to be supplied with enough blood. Drink aniseed tea or bake the seeds, if you like.

  1. Burning shower

Hot water is the biggest savior when it comes to reducing stomach cramps. If you can not sit in a warm bath, use the shower to apply hot water to the problem areas. Just be careful not to burn the skin!

  1. Menthol

Take a menthol candy or add it to your tea. Menthol will calm your stomach and instantly relieve cramps with refreshing vibrations.

  1. Basil

The basil contains natural ingredients that reduce the pain. Add basil in salad, chew a fresh basil or put it in tea.

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