9 Things That Will Worsen Your Allergy

Some things we do, which we may not be aware of, can aggravate the allergy. What should you look out for?

1.Open window

In the season of allergies, pollen particles enter the window. Especially avoid leaving an open window while it’s sunny and windy.

2.The dangers of air conditioners

People suffering from allergies or asthma should not turn on a air conditioners, and be careful if strong chemicals are used to clean it. As a healthier option, it is recommended to install a pollen filter in the ventilation.

  1. Outdoor Training

If you are practicing outdoor exercise, be careful when and where you are doing. The highest concentration of pollen is early in the morning or afternoon, so use the exercise for the late afternoon.

4.Be regular with drug therapy

Better to prevent than to cure, so experts advise you to use allergy pills for two to three weeks before it appears pollen in the air.

  1. Stuffed toys

Yes, it sounds weird, but the stuffed toys are among the most common sources of allergens. Sweet and soft toys collect dust, reduce their number to a minimum and regularly sweep.

  1. Incorrectly use of the air purifier

Home purifiers and filters are an effective way to remove pollen and other airborne allergens, but if you do not close the door and windows of the room, it will have no effect.

  1. Ignore the symptoms

You can suddenly become allergic at in mature age, although until then you had no problems, although until then you had no problems. If every spring trouble with the sinuses, you may have a pollen allergy. You may also get a sudden allergy to pets, and you are not aware of it. Therefore, if you have allergy symptoms that do not pass by, visit a doctor.

  1. Feathers

Have you thought that the cause of an allergy may be hidden in your favorite pillow or bed cover? Feathers can cause nasty allergies, and if you are allergic, get pillows with synthetic filling. Mattresses can also be a source of allergies.

  1. Sleep in the same bed with your pet

If  you think sleeping with cat and a dog in the same bad is cute , think twice again about this. Even if you are not allergic, doctors warn that this is not a good idea.


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