Advice For Prevention Of Stomach Virus

    Avoiding contact with the diseased, maintaining personal hygiene, regular washing of hands, thorough washing of fruits and vegetables before consuming, cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces, and especially of children’s toys, recommends the Ministry of Health for prevention of stomach virus.

Stomach virus is a disease caused by different types of enteroviruses. This disease most commonly occurs in the younger population, throughout the year.

As per the information from the MyTermin framework, since the start of the year, an aggregate of 3,775 referrals and 3,456 remedies have been made for the finding of looseness of the bowels and gastroenteritis, while for a similar determination amid the previous year, a sum of 15,689 referrals and 25,978 solutions were made.

Most of the infected (over 90 percent) do not develop any symptoms, and others may experience fever, cold symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. In very rare cases, stomach viruses can also cause complications, especially in people with reduced immunity, such as brain and heart disease, inflammation of the lungs, and others.

The stomach virus usually spreads in contact with a diseased person, or indirectly through contaminated water, food, objects (children’s toys, cutlery, etc.).

For the counteractive action and anticipation of this infection it is prescribed staying away from contact with the sick, keeping up individual cleanliness, standard washing of hands, intensive washing of foods grown from the ground before devouring, cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces, and particularly youngsters’ toys.

Because of the likelihood of aberrant transmission, it is important to abstain from touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, and considering that the infection happens all the more much of the time in youthful kids, specific consideration ought to be paid to keeping up individual cleanliness and creating cleanliness propensities in kids. Additionally, it is particularly imperative to routinely wash the hands of youngsters amid their stay in kindergarten and school.

Treatment of the stomach infection in lighter cases includes symptomatic treatment and the utilization of various fluids and vitamins to anticipate drying out, while in the more articulated clinical picture, extra treatment is required upon a specialist’s proposal.

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