Its Amazing How These Coconut Oil Recipe Care For Your Skin And Hair

The main ingredient of coconut oil is lauric, which has a strong antiviral and antibacterial effect by protecting us from many diseases.

The only other source of this acid is breast milk, so with this connection it becomes clear for what kind of food it is. Once you start using it, organic oil will become an indispensable part of your body’s care.

coconut oil

Here are some ways to use coconut oil:

  1. Mix with cinnamon and oatmeal and use it as a facial peeling.
  2. It has a natural UV 4 filter and can be used as sunscreen. You will get a remarkable complexion.
  3. Place coconut oil together with baking soda in a roll-on bottle and use it as a natural antiperspirant.
  4. Use it as a softener for hair (apply on dry hair, leave as much as possible and then wash your hair with shampoo).
  5. Use it as a hair styling preparation. Take a little, brush it on your palms and stylish your hair in the desired way.
  6. Use it as a moisturizing lipstick. Put yourself in a small box and always carry it with you in your purse.
  7. If you are depilating at home, you can use it to remove excess skin wax.
  8. It helps to smooth wrinkles and narrow the pores.
  9. It helps with fungal infections (internal and external), if used 2-3 times a day.
  10. Put on new tattoos to accelerate the recovery of the skin.
  11. Mix it with baking soda and use it as a scrub to wash your face.
  12. Use it for dyed hair in combination with egg yolks and honey.
  13. Mix it with garlic and store it as a special ingredient when cooking.
  14. For blisters and youth.
  15. Mix it with a mixer to make a moisture cream for hydration of the skin, which you can use for a year
  16. For the treatment of acne and pimples, knead every night before bedtime.
  17. Massage your nails and cuticles to solidify them.
  18. Wipe it around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and scars.
  19. For faster healing of cuts and burns.

Tip Plus: When buying coconut oil, be sure to be organic to have the right effect. It can usually be found in health food stores and costs from 5 – 10 $ depending on the amount, and you will use it for a long time and for many purposes.

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