An Ancient Virus, Which Has Been Sleeping For Centuries, Could Be “Awakened”

In recent human DNA studies, scientists have found a virus code that represents eight percent of the human genome.

Many do not know that our bodies are not the only living form, but that they contain complex and diverse microbial ecosystems that play a major role in our lives.

Our well-being depends in part on the behavior of those small organisms, which contain the same genetic maps that govern our biology and are found in our cells.

On the other hand, DNA in our cells is not entirely ours, more than eight percent of our genome is not of human origin, but originates from viruses.

Scientists recently found in human DNA a new virus code that could have a major impact on our lives.

With the analysis of the genomes of more than 2,500 researchers, 19 viral code segments have never been detected, and the probability that a certain portion of that viral DNA travels through our body in the past 670 thousand years, if not longer, is likely.

Most of those parts are residues of missing viral particles, but some previous studies have shown that these fragments, depending on their positions inside human DNA, can affect the development of diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases.

But what is perhaps even more interesting is that researchers have found a segment of viral code that looks completely untouched and that by reactivating it could “insert life” into the ancient virus.

-It seems that an infectious virus can occur, which would be very interesting if it turned out to be true. In that way, we would have had the opportunity to follow the development of the epidemic, which happened long ago, said John Cofin, a scientist at the Tufts University Medical School.

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