Black Tea Prevents Diabetes And Obesity

The nations that drink the most black tea least suffer from this metabolic syndrome, which affects more people in the world, and in those countries there are at least obese people.

An examination of information from 50 nations found that countries that drink the most dark tea have the least number of individuals experiencing type 2 diabetes. The investigation additionally found that those nations had less obese people.

Researchers trust that the aging procedure that transforms green tea into dark causes the production of complex flavonoids that are useful for health. In Ireland, most dark tea is devoured, two kilograms per year for each capita, and Britain and Turkey are instantly following the rundown.

Every one of the three nations have less diabetics than nations that are bring down on the rundown, for example, Brazil, Morocco and Mexico. The examination was led on the grounds that the quantity of those misery from type 2 diabetes has expanded by six times over the most recent couple of decades. It is evaluated that by 2030 the number will bounce from 285 million, as indicated by information from 2010, to 438 million individuals with type 2 diabetes.

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