Chamomile Cures Many Diseases

A few ladies have extremely difficult monthly cycle, and regularly they can not help a few medications, but rather chamomile, in easing the side effects.

Cramps will settle down two to three cups of tasty chamomile tea, and you will best cure the pain with compresses from this medicinal herb.

Make the plates so large a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers overflow with a quarter of a liter of hot milk, squeeze and put warm coats on the stomach. The pains will quickly disappear.



Chamomile tea assists with numerous medical issues. It is for the most part used to treat colds, since it has antibacterial properties. It is additionally extremely valuable for expanding the quantity of leukocytes in the blood.

Chamomile tea is a very good cure for calming. For adults this tea is prepared such that a tablespoon of dry chamomile flowers are covered with two decilitres of boiling water and left for 15 minutes.

If you drink tea from chamomile before you lie down, you will fall asleep more easily than usual.


Chamomile is a restorative herb that is generally utilized as a part of this season’s cold virus season and colds. Contains calcium, phosphorus, tannin and fundamental oil.

The chamomile brings down the temperature, alleviates torment, enhances absorption, decreases the rash and treats skin inflammation. It is a gentle narcotic and it quiets the sensory system.

It is effective in various bacteria in the urine, the skin, the intestines. It boosts urine output and reduces the amount of acid in the urine. Helps in bacterial infections.

It is effective in arthritis, allergies, ear and throat pain, bronchitis, diseases of the glands, kidneys, stings in the bubble, infected wounds, conjunctivitis, tumors and other health problems.

It relieves spasms, especially in newborns and children. Helps with insomnia, especially childhood, neurosis, depression, and generally poor psychological conditions.

It is recommended for the treatment of eczema, irritation of the diaper skin and cracked nipples on the breast.

Because of its healing properties, chamomile is used for various skin impurities on the face and body, inflamed skin conditions, burns, sunburn, various wounds, hair problems.

Chamomile  is also used in cosmetics. Mating the face with chamomile is great for sensitive skin, and by washing the hair with chamomile tea, the hair gets a special shine.


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