In Which Cases, Pain In Your Left Hand Means Heart Problems?

Chest pain means you have heart problems and need immediate medical attention. Pain in the left arm can occur for several reasons which may or may not be associated with cardiovascular disease. There is a difference from one to another pain in your left hand, and the advice of Dr. Anne Hester should clear up your dilemmas if you have such problems.

When does pain in your left hand mean a problem with your heart?

  • When the pain in the left hand is intensified by some activity, and calms down with rest, it can mean a cardiovascular problem. This is especially true if you feel pain as if it is inside your arm, not on the surface and does not hurt you more if you touch it as when your muscles are inflamed.
  • An alarming signal is if your hand suddenly suffers as you rest or watch TV without any reason.
  • In the end, any pain in your left hand combined with chest pain, nausea, breathing problems, excessive sweating without a cause, vomiting, etc. is a sure sign of heart problems and requires immediate contact with a doctor before the condition get even more complicated.

When does pain in your left hand mean a heart problem?

Pain in the hand is sometimes not associated with cardiovascular disease, as in the following cases.

  1. Pain in the chest and left arm

The combination of pain or difficulty in the chest and pain in your left hand requires you to call a doctor and ask for help because in most cases you may have a problem. An exception can only be situations in which you have fallen to the left side of an activity or you have been hurt in some other way, so it is pain for the injury.

  1. Pain in recurring hand

If pain in your hand is repeated during performing certain physical activities, such as moving heavy objects and the like, then it is not associated with heart disease. That that pain is repeated only when you burden your arm, tells you that it’s just a matter of muscle fiber injury.

  1. Permanent pain in the arm

If pain persists for a long time, then you have some serious injury to your hand or other disease, but it’s not about heart problems. The same is true if short-term pain occurs immediately after grinding with your hand or neck.

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