Changes To The Secret During The Monthly Cycle That Are Normal


These changes are completely normal and do not cause panic.

A few days after menstruation

The level of estrogen and progesterone is low, so the mystery will presumably be little or not in any way. You may likewise see a dim deplete, however these are only the remaining parts of the blood.

Seven to 10 days before ovulation

Estrogen levels rise once more, and a solid mystery ends up plainly white or dim, somewhat sticky and thick.


The secret becomes more transparent and causative (according to the consistency similar to the protein). You will also notice that it is more healthier than in any other period of the month, as the level of estrogen secretion reaches the top.

Explanation of the changes: this is your most fertile days and therefore the secret makes it easier for sperm cells to reach the eggs.

Two weeks before menstruation

The level of estrogen quickly after ovulation starts to decrease and your mystery again winds up noticeably sticky and practically white or whitish and obscured. The nearer the new monthly cycle is, the level of hormones is lower.


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