Why Cleaning Your Ears With Cotton Swab Sticks Is Wrong?

As the standard consumable tool for cleaning the ears today, is the so-called sticks with cotton ends or swab. But doctors are against this kind of cleaning of the ears. Why is that?

The reason for this is the fact that many use these cotton sticks wrongly, as they clean their ears, they push the sticks as deep as possible to “clean up better”. But what you do is quite the opposite. Namely, the secret that is naturally secreted from the ears has tasks to collect all those external particles, small insects, dust, etc. in order to prevent them from entering your ears and causing health problems. By thoroughly removing the secret from the ears, the space for potential ears problems.

But since full cleaning is not possible with such sticks, what you do when you try to get yourself well is pushing the secret inward – and concealing the ear drum.

Take a look at the picture what happens when you try to “thoroughly” clean your ears with a cotton swab stick.

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