The Colour Of Your Tongue Will Tell You How Healthy You Are

There is a method of interpreting the shape, size, texture, and color of the language that can make a diagnosis for your health. For better and reliable results, check out the tongue in the morning on an empty stomach under natural light.


 The healthy color of the tongue is light pink, and the red color alerts to the process of infection. The strong red color of the tongue is associated with heart and blood diseases.

If your tongue has a yellowish tint, your body has problems with your stomach and liver, and a mild purple tinge alludes to lung and heart disease.

Blue tongue warns about kidney disease, light pink color reminds you to take more vitamins, and white color to drink more water.

Less commonly noticeable, but worrying states of tongue are the grayish color that occurs in persons with ulcers and a brownish color that warns of pulmonary diseases.

The visual method of diagnosis is not 100% precise because language deformities are not always due to infections or internal processes but also to foods and bacteria.

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