Cure A Raised Nail On Your Toe? Tricky But Healthy

The raised nail of the toe can be a very painful and unpleasant problem, and on average it is faced by every fifth person. Thanks to this procedure, you can solve the problem without visiting a doctor.

  1. Soak your feet in hot water, which warmer it better. Keep your feet immersed for 15-30 minutes at least twice a day.

The goal of regular baths is to soften the nails, but also to prevent possible infections of the pressed part of the foot. For washing feet use antibacterial soap.

  1. Before taking a bath, prepare all the necessary utensils for arranging nails and put it at your fingertips: from scissors to cotton patrons and tweezers.
  2. After the bath, well dry your feet with a clean towel, then cut your nails straight. Curved cuts increase the risk of skin nail falling.
  3. With a sterile needle, lift up the rotated nail from the meat and carefully place the cotton in the interspace. Be patient and do not push too hard. Place the cotton under the frizzy nail to prevent irritation and infection of the finger, then wrap the entire finger with a gauze.

Do not forget that this finger will be in contact with other fingers in the socks in the shoes during the day, which will inevitably lead to sweating.

  1. If there is finger infection, the skin on those part of the foot will change into a distinct red to dark blue. Once you notice infection of your finger or pus, it is best to contact a doctor who will be able to prescribe a suitable medication.
  2. Let your feet breathe. Do not wear socks and shoes when you are at home.
  3. Regularly check the claw situation, and at least once a day change your cotton. If you maintain hygiene in this way, the problem with the raised nail should be past in just two weeks, when your new and healthy nail grows.

Tip plus: You can prevent inflammation of the raised nail in the following way: place a piece of lemon on the damaged nail, then rinse it in the gauze and allow it to work overnight. Lemon acid will help you fight the infection.

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