A Cure For Sick And Swollen Feet

 In the event that you are one of those people who endure torment each day with tense and swollen legs, here’s the manner by which to help!

Gentle massage

Back rub your feet with creams and gels for veins that calm swelling. The best are those items that contain additional chestnut and basic oil of rosemary, since they act against aggravation and enhance course.

Cold warm shower

Utilize daytime shower for massage. With frosty and warm water, on the other hand, shower the feet from the feet to the thighs.

Evening bath

In lukewarm water, put one handful of table salt and a few rosemary leaves, and if your legs are very swollen, add two handfuls of lemon balm. After the bath, wipe your feet with a towel rubbing your fingers against the heels

Exercises for better circulation

As soon as you wake up, encourage the circulation with a 10-minute exercise: laying on your back put your hands under your buttocks and circle your legs as you ride a bicycle. When you are at home, lie down on the floor several times a day and lift your feet to the wall. Only after five minutes will you feel the weight of your legs disappear.


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