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Danger: Avoid Buying Products That Have These Things In Their Declaration!

Often in stores you can find products whose declaration has ingredients that are full of unknown and unusual names. But what do they mean, for what they serve and whether they are good or bad for our health? Look at this list of ingredients, made up of famous nutritionists, which you should avoid if you want to keep your health.

MSG or E621

It is a flavor enhancer that is most present in the industry for instant soup and meat processing. Although its 10-year use in the food industry has not been proven to have a harmful effect on health, there are signs that it can cause symptoms such as headache and nausea.


Artificial sweeteners do not have any energy value, but they give an intense taste of sweetness. That’s why they are very much present in food products. Their application can positively affect dieters and people with diabetes. But the use of certain sweeteners, such as the E951, can cause potential health damage.

Trans fatty acids

They occur with partial hydrogenation of vegetable oils. It is about fatty acids that adversely affect health because they increase the level of bad cholesterol, which then leads to the risk of various types of heart disease.

Nitrites and nitrates

Nitrite and nitrates are preservatives that are mostly used for the production of delicatessen products, cheese and certain fish products. In the body most often disrupt the flow of oxygen in the blood, which is why it is necessary to avoid all the products they contain, especially with sensitive children.

E102 and E123

The use of different artificial colors such as E102 and E123 in certain countries is completely prohibited because it is suspected that they can create different types of health problems. If possible, always select those products that contain natural colors, such as pepper extract (E160c) and curcuma (E100).

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