Weight Loss

Diet With Potatoes And Cheese

 In the event that you are attached to potatoes and cheese, you will doubtlessly not be an issue with an eating regimen that you can lose for a large portion of a kilo consistently. Amid the eating routine drink no less than two liters of water, some green tea and lemon zest.

Here’s what you need to eat:


1 orange and 2 toasts, 40 grams boiled, lean ham or 50 grams of chicken or 50 grams of low-fat cheese.


1 kiwi

Lunch and dinner

Dining with potato and cheese

Second supper

250 ml of fatty yogurt or milk

Suggested dishes with potato and cheese:
Roasted potato with cheese.

Pour 30 grams of bacon, add a teaspoon of olive oil and in it dish 1 crushed onion and 200 grams of chopped potatoes. When the potato is ready, put 50 grams of young yellow cheese on it and place the cheese bowl on it for melting. Serve with leaf lettuce or 2 tomatoes with a little olive oil and vinegar.

Cream soup of potato and cheese

In 3 dl of water cook 200 grams of chopped potatoes, 100 grams of carrots and pituitary thyme. Dip the cooked vegetables, add 50 grams of young cow cheese or mozzarella, and season the broth.

Potato in a decoction with melted cheese

Sprinkle two tablespoons of sour cream with chopped parsley, wipe the larger potato with a lump and cool with a cream. Add 50 grams of melted cheese and serve with horseradish and cucumber salad.


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