Why Is It So Difficult To Cure HIV and AIDS?

    HIV is one of the most terrible viruses of today, and the reason for this is that there is no specific cure for it – scientists for decades have been trying to find a way to completely clean up an organism from this virus.

But in 2008 something incredible happened – a man was cured of HIV. In 70 million cases of HIV, this was the first, but unfortunately the last one since then. And what makes things harder is the fact that scientists are still not sure how this person was cured. So, when science has a cure for diseases like malaria and hepatitis C, how HIV drugs still cannot be found?

This lesson from Janet Ivana, as part of TED Education, is just about that. The video presents a lesson that briefly describes the infection of the organism with the virus, how it turns into AIDS, the current standard therapy given to patients diagnosed with HIV, and the most important – where is science finding a definitive remedy that will remove the virus forever from the patient.

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