Discover The Point Of Your Body That Can “Wipe” Your Headache And All The Symptoms Of Stress

Symptoms of stress are numerous and unpleasant. Headache, digestive problems, insomnia and nervousness are just some of the symptoms that you can resolve in just a few minutes, if you know exactly where to press.

This Chinese method of treatment is known as acupressure and with its help we can discover all the points with which our stimulus can start to relax and relieve stress. One of these points is called shen men, which in free translation means “paradise”. Pressing this point reduces stress, increases energy and strengthens immunity, and thus reduces pain. The point is located in the inner part of the upper part of the ear and with its gentle rubbing it can be activated.

Instructions for applying this massage:

  • Using a eyepiece, press the point and gently massage it.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, listen carefully to each inhalation and exhalation.
  • While you breathe, look to the left, and so as you breathe out to the right, without moving your head.
  • You start to notice how gradually your body relaxes and the symptoms of stress decrease …

Additional tips:

  • You can massage the ear point with the tip of your fingertips.
  • Massage the point every time you feel that you are under a lot of stress.
  • You can repeat this procedure every night before bedtime.

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