If You Don’t Have Sex Your Mind and Body Gets Affected

Breaking, working, traveling … There are many reasons why your sex life may stop for a short or a long time. But did you know that the sudden absence of sex can affect your health? Take the following 5 ways that it affects you …

  1. Anxiety

It has been scientifically proven that sex helps relieve stress. During the relationship, chemicals are released in the brain that give you positive emotions and relax you, like endorphins and oxytocin. When there are no such things, especially if you are accustomed to them, it is logical to experience mood swings.

  1. A drop in immunity

The less you have sex, the weaker your immunity will be. If you have a regular relationship, switch to a temporary one, you will also shorten the production of antibodies that raise your immunity and fight against viruses, and thus become more susceptible to colds and flu.

  1. Protection against infections

If you trust studies, nearly 80% of urinary infections occur 24 hours after the relationship. During sex, bacteria from the vagina can find their way to the bladder, causing inflammation. This means that by reducing sex you will reduce the risk of urinary infections.

  1. Negative impact on the relationship

If you are in a relationship and your sex is missing, it can significantly affect your relationship, in a bad sense. Lack of sex can adversely affect your self-esteem by reducing the level of oxytocin and other hormones that also affect your behavior and mood. But a certain period without sex in a relationship does not necessarily mean that you will be unhappy. Sex is an expression of intimacy between two people, just like kissing, holding hands and giving compliments, so you can connect in this way, not only physically.

  1. Depression

A number of studies have come to the conclusion that the longer you don’t have sex, the easier you develop depression.

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