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The Easiest Way To Deal With Colds

When you have a cold, nothing looks good. Coughing and sneezing make every one thing look harder. In order to overcome this awkward situation and return the energy again, in the following, look at the best 12 ways to feel better.

  1. Drink more water

Always have lemon and mint water and drink from it. You may need to get up often to go to the bathroom, but you are at home and you need to feel free, and consider this as a kind of exercise.

  1. Add a little apple cider vinegar

On one of the glasses of water you drink, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It will not be delicious, but it will help you clean some of the mucous membranes.

  1. Sleep more

Bacteria that cause flu and colds are present everywhere. Your best friend, besides  regular and proper hand washing, is sleeping, a few hours more each evening so your body can be ready to fight the viruses.

  1. Relax with some songs

Better still, fill the hot water bathtub, start a couple of candles and release your favorite songs. The steam will further help you relax.

  1. Watch movies

How to spend time interesting when you’re in bed? Let yourself have some movies that will relax you, and, if possible, make you laugh, so you will feel much better.

  1. Read books

When you feel overwhelmed by the movies, relax with reading a book.

  1. Consume soup

It will help you clear your throat and clogged nose.

  1. Plan a trip

Use the time spent in bed to plan your next destination for a trip after heals.

  1. Consume zinc

This will not protect you from colds, studies have shown that zinc helps to shorten its duration.

  1. Clean your mind

Try to meditate and relax. Not only will you help with the mood after all the time spend in sitting and lying, but also you will reduce the anxiety that you must have felt at that time.

  1. Use a humidifier for the air

It’s very useful advice at the time you have a cold. It will help you breathe easier, and it will make your skin softer.

  1. Cover the redness

Once you feel better, put a little corrector on the facial flush, and you will find that you have spent a few hard days stuck in your home.

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