Electronic Or Not They Are Very Harmful, This Is How…

Many people who want to give up cigarettes have found hope in electronic cigarettes.

But the question arises: Are electronic cigarettes are bad for your health?

Recent research in Italy confirms this.

Modern electronic cigarettes contain 600 ingredients, which produce more than 4,000 chemicals.

With 5 minutes smoking electronic cigarettes, tighten the lungs and inflammation of the airways.

Although these cigarettes may have less harmful particles than standard cigarettes, when you are indoors these particles are spreading and transmitted to non-smokers, personally as chronic exposure to artificial air fresheners.

Although electronic cigarettes can help you quit cigarettes, this is not the solution. Research shows that these addicts also create worst addiction.

In addition, they do not exclude unwanted risks and harmful effects.

The best way to quit cigarettes is to simply stop smoking. When you want to light a cigarette, go out in the air and take a walk. Whip something or chew gum.

There has been speculation about the impact of electronic cigarettes on our health for months, and now the results of new research have shown that nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes cause high blood pressure, accelerate heart rhythm and cause heart disease.

While according to some electronic cigarettes are healthier than ordinary, new research casts a shadow on these claims. Namely, research by the Karolinks Institute in Rome  showed that those who use nicotine e-cigarettes have a triple chance of getting a heart disease.

The number of electronic cigarettes has increased in recent years, and everyone has argued that they have no impact on health. It has always been debatable, and now we finally have evidence of the harmful effects of these electronic cigarettes with nicotine.

Otherwise, the research involved 20 young people, healthy volunteers at the age of 23 years. Everybody smoked up to ten cigarettes a month, usually on the way out, and electronic cigarettes had not previously been tested or tried.

Within this research, they used electronic cigarettes-one-day nicotine and one-day nicotine-free ones.

After this, there was a loss of elathicity of the arteries, which, is a condition that for a longer time interval using these electronic cigarettes can lead to numerous chronic diseases.

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