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Evidence That You Are Eating Too Much Protein

Proteins are found in larger or smaller amounts in almost every food, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, mushrooms, wheat, wheat, corn, rice, soy … But, as with all other substances, so does the protein it must be exaggerated. If you consume too much in your body, then the chances are that you will experience the following symptoms …

  1. Bad breath

When you consume too much protein and too little carbohydrates, your body begins to burn fat to get the energy you need. It can be great for weight loss, but bad for the breath. Bad breath is a consequence of the production of chemicals secreted in the body that burns fat. Since the unpleasant smell comes from the inside of the body, washing your teeth will not solve your problem.

  1. Bad location

The human brain needs carbohydrates in order to function normally and produce enough serotonin, which is actually responsible for our good mood. That’s why, if you increase protein intake and reduce your carbohydrates, the chances are that you will quickly become irritable and ill-disposed.

  1. Kidney damage

With proteins, you also enter nitrogen, which must then filter the kidneys through the blood. If you eat a normal amount of protein, it will normally be ejected through urination, but if you enter a larger amount, then the kidneys must work harder to expel the excess nitrogen from your body. It’s just this work over time that can damage your kidneys.

  1. Problems with digestion

Chicken breasts and fresh cheese are a great choice for building muscle mass, but do not contain the fibers needed for proper digestion. This means that if you do not enter complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and enter proteins that come only from animal origin, the chances are that you will start to experience bloating and stiff capital.

  1. Obesity

Diet rich in protein may help you lose some kilogram, but once you reach the desired weight you should return to a varied diet, otherwise you will get fat. A study that has been conducted by more than 7,000 people reveals that protein-based diets yield up to 90% a chance of obesity compared to those who eat less protein intake.

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