The Existence Of The Stress Test

Changes in beauty refer to certain health problems, and one of the most common causes of modern times – stress, can be shown on just one hair of your hair.

Stress test

Rape one hair behind the ear. The fiber you will bake must be from the layers that are closer to the skin of the head, because the hair in the upper part is usually damaged as a result of the influence of the UV rays, molding products and hairsprays. Grab the fiber with your fingers on both ends and press. If it drops less than 3 cm from the root, your hair is damaged as a result of an increased level of stress.

Cause: Due to the increased amount of cortisol, the body needs a larger amount of vitamin B12 to fight stress, i.e. to relieve the effect of stress hormone growth. Vitamin B12 allows the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the hair. If this vitamin ends in another part of the body, the follicles lose weight, the hair becomes thinner and begins to fall.

Solution: The first step is to control the production of cortisol. Avoid caffeine and do body strengthening exercises three times a week. The second check is to strengthen vitamin B12 follicles. You can take it in the form of a supplement and as a preparation for strengthening the hair enriched with proteins.

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