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Fast Diet With Dry Plums

Dried plums are not only a delicious snack but also excellent for bones because they strengthen them. They contain vitamin K, which is very important for bones, but also for blood clotting. Their soluble fibers slow down the absorption of glucose and stabilize the blood sugar level.

Diet with dry plums belongs to those “fast” diets and can be practiced for a maximum of 5 days and only for a specific need. So, if an important meeting, celebration or something like that awaits you, you can quickly download from 2 to 5 kilograms depending on your body, to look great at the event.

Meals should be consumed every 3 hours, and your daily menu should look like this:

Breakfast: 6 dry plums

Snack 1: apple

Lunch: boiled egg and boiled hot dog

Snack 2: the same as lunch

Dinner: a glass of low fat yogurt

In addition to having to respect this strict diet, it’s good to be physically active.


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