Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss With Tea Of Ginger And Garlic

Ginger acts as stimulation on the blood framework and a large portion of the blood course. The ginger tea quickens digestion and makes the skin youthful and versatile.

To prepare gingerbread tea for slimming, cut the root of ginger into thin strips. The amount you need is 1/3 of the human hand. Ginger tea is boiled in water (2 liters).

Once the water is boiled, about 4-5 chopped ginger roots are added. Then the tea is placed in a thermos. Drink tea for weight loss 30 minutes before each meal.

Ginger tea and garlic for weight loss

For the second recipe for slimming tea you will need ginger, garlic and water.

This tea is prepared from:

  1. 20g. ginger,
  2. 20gr. garlic
  3. 400ml of water.

Allow the water to boil and add the necessary ingredients. The tea should be sealed for approximately one hour, then placed in a vestibule and consumed instead of water during the day. This recipe is best for ladies who want to quickly lose weight.

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