Five Things You Should Not Do After Eating

A great many people have day by day schedules with the right calendar and claim that the quick lifestyle directs this beat.

In any case, health ought to for no situation endure due to quick living. Sort out your chance and don’t commit these five errors identified with timing and eating.


Amid showering, the body temperature marginally increments. To conform to this, the body guides more blood to the skin than expected. It can disturb the procedure of absorption and back off the digestion. Hold up 30 minutes before entering the shower.

Drinking tea

Studies have demonstrated that the fixings in tea are identified with the ingestion of iron in the body, a mineral that is critical for the working of the body. That is the reason, kids, pregnant ladies and individuals achieved the iron in the blood ought to abstain from savoring tea the primary hour in the wake of eating. Grown-ups are smarter to drink some espresso, which, to note, ought not be tanked on a void stomach.


The myth that eating at bedtime is a direct cause of overweight has long been defective, yet you should not eat directly before you go to bed. Sleeping on a full stomach can cause cramps, stinging, and acids in the stomach because when laying the body calms down and the metabolism decreases. Experts recommend that the last meal be at least two hours before bedtime.

Physical activity

As much as the compulsion to toss yourself to preparing and consume calories from eating, the specialists encourage you not to do it. Practicing full stomach can cause different troubles, and additionally the danger of extreme outcomes, for example, issues. It is best to go for a simple walk, and begin honing for no less than two hours subsequent to eating.

Smoking cigarettes

Smoking is harmful to health for many reasons, but if you are a smoker, it is recommended that you do not light a cigarette during the first twenty minutes after eating. Tobacco prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamins C and D, which deletes the effects of the healthiest meal.

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