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Food And Drinks That Will Energize You Better Than Coffee

Caffeine can instantly make you aware, but for some reason it has already stopped working, so you replaced it with energy drinks? Or do you just want to quit drinking coffee? Do not worry – and without coffee, you will be able to get up in the morning and have energy all day, in a healthier way, which includes consuming the right foods.

  1. Green vegetables

Vegetables that have a bit of bitter taste or a strong smell like spinach, roulas, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower are incredibly healthy. They have great nutritional value and help in better work of the heart, and keep you on the go.

  1. Foods rich with vitamin B12

Also known as “energy vitamin”, B12 is most responsible for producing energy in the body. B12 is most present in eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, mushrooms, soy products and more. According to studies, vegans and people at a later age have a deficiency of this vitamin, and it is therefore recommended to take a supplement for it.

  1. Beet juice

If you want a great energy boost, to practice the day or to do something that requires more physical energy, nothing is better than beets. This vegetable improves the work of the blood vessels, making them more efficient and less in need of oxygen.

  1. Dark chocolate

Antioxidants in the dark chocolate can calm down inflammation, help circulate through the veins and arteries, thereby increasing the level of energy. It is best to consume dark chocolate, because of the low amount of fat. And cocoa has similar benefits.

  1. Foods rich with iron

One of the most important functions of iron is carrying oxygen to the tissue – without enough oxygen, the energy in the body decreases and cells begin to die. It is therefore important to import high-fiber foods, such as red meat, pork, seafood, legumes.

To aid in the iron absorption process, you eat foods that are a combination of iron and Vitamin C, such as tomato sauce, lettuce, or just add lemon to your food with iron – it will give you the required amount of Vitamin C.

My Healthygram simple tip:

  1. Fresh glass of water

Dehydration can make you feel slow and drowsy, and you have a prefrontal and headache. Do not forget to start the day with a glass of fresh water to start metabolism and to become aware of it. If you add a piece of fruit into the water, you will make things sweeter and healthier. Drink one glass of water for several hours, and more if you increase the active and perpiration of the day.

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