Food That Will Overcome Laziness In The Afternoon At Work

Does it happen while you are at work, around 2 pm, to feel some laziness and fatigue that does not give you to move or work? At those moments, probably the first thing that reminds you is a little to slip on your desk, but since you are at work and it’s not proper, you go and take great coffee and cookies. Nevertheless, after a few minutes you feel that your energy is completely exhausted, because at that time of the day, coffee and sugar are not our best friends. There is some food that is recommended to be consumed in the afternoon in order to finish the work day more quickly and efficiently.

  1. Fruits in combination with proteins

Fruits, such as apple or bananas, in combination with little protein, for example nuts or peanut butter. Is the best choice for a quick return of energy. It contains healthy sugars, and the feeling of hunger is immediately lost. If you combine protein fruits, digestion takes place a little slower, causing you to feel fuller for a long time. It would be good, if you can, near your office desk at any time to have some fruit and a protein source. Also, they are simple to carry with your in your purse. Among healthy snacks full of protein are coconut and raw almonds and hazelnuts.

  1. Read the labels on packaged, healthy snacks

Today, by markets and health food stores, a large selection of cereal tiles can be found that are sold in all sorts of varieties. If you consume it as a snack, it would be good to read the labels on which the nutritional values ​​of the product are written. Always keep an eye on the ingredients, calories, and sugars contained in those little pleasures. Try to find cereal tiles that contain less than 12 grams of sugar, everything that contains more than 15 grams of sugar probably belongs to the group of candy rather than healthy foods. Packaged healthy foods should not contain more than 200 calories. Also, when choosing, take into account the time when you had breakfast or lunch and, depending on that, choose the amount of your snack.

  1. Listen to your body and eat more often

If you want to overcome the afternoon laziness, it would be best to drink enough fluids and eat more often, but less. It is best to take food every three hours. But, taking into account the fact that you are probably at work and you can not take a break every two to three hours, choose foods that you can eat at your workplace. As mentioned above, it would be best to be fruits and snacks full of proteins. Also, you should not consider these interrogations as a substitute for your lunch or dinner. They are here just to keep your energy at the required level of work. Just listen to your body, it will exactly tell you when and how much food it needs to be in satisfactory form.

  1. Be creative with protein sources

You may never have known before. In health food stores, you may find small protein packs that will mix them in your coffee, and thus, besides your favorite drink, you will also get healthy freshness. Also, in addition to the cup, always have nuts, whose taste perfectly matches the taste of coffee. In addition to coffee, you can also enrich the healthy salad with protein, on which the peas will boil healthy snacks.

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