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Green Vegetables That Rejuvenate Your Brain

US scientists have confirmed that the consumption of green leafy vegetables protects and rejuvenates the human brain.

Scientists at the American University in Chicago have conducted a study on the impact of 850-year-old brain spinal cells at the age of 81.


The research is based on an analysis of their mental abilities and eating habits. It has also shown that those who consume spinach and other green vegetables every day have a younger brain”junior” brain, unlike those who did not consume such foods.

Referring to the healing properties of green vegetables, which are rich in vitamin K, beta carotene, and various antioxidants, scientists recommend the consumption of these foods because of their positive effect in the prevention of numerous diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The results of the research were presented at the Conference of Experimental Biology in the United States.

Earlier, Swedish researchers confirmed that the consumption of green vegetables helps strengthen the muscles, which was previously presented in the cartoons, such as in the famous Popeye, who overcame his fierce rival with spinach consumption.

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