What Happens To Our Brain When We Keep Secrets?

Each of us keeps secrets throughout our lives. Some may for years remain hidden from others, while others will “come out” at some point. However, secrets are not easy to store, although it may seem like that.


In addition to this, the results of a new study, claim that keeping secrets is not good for mental health. Hiding secrets leads to an increase of people’s anxiety and is a grueling experience for the brain.

A team of scientists from the Columbia University conducted a survey of 600 participants and found that 96 percent of them at that time kept a secret, which was mainly of a loving nature.

The participants were asked how many times in the last month they were forced to hide the secret and how often they thought about it.

Almost twice as many participants said they often thought about that secret. That’s exactly why thinking was the cause that caused the most damage. The same result was given by a survey conducted among tourists in New York.

It showed that the very nature of the contents of the secret that is kept is not the cause of the problem, but how the mind refers to that information that affects it.

Further analysis found that the poor state is less influenced by the significance of the secret, but that it affects the most about how much time we think about it.

Scientists have concluded that thinking people around the secrets can serve as a basis for further research on this topic, with a desire to find a way to help people and facilitate keeping in secret in the future.

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