How Healthy Is The Mineral Water?

Although so often advertised on commercials, mineral water is not something that physicians consider a healthy option.


Spring mineral water is a little healthier for thoes who think they are health, and for those less healthy it seems like a good try to fix their health. It is universally drunk all over the world, and it owes its temptation to the spicy bubbles, as well as the alleged aiding of digestion, in the sense of weight in the stomach and healthy minerals it abounds.

But the probleme is not in the minerals, but in the carbon dioxide that makes carbon dioxide, and contains a weak carbonic acid, explains a prominent British dentist.

“Most people are not aware of the fact that mineral water is extremely acidic, has a pH3 value. The bubbles in the mineral water without any problems erode the enamel of the teeth, and the more often they drink, the danger is greater. Over time, this is the reason for easier mowing, inflammation, loss of white pain and pain, “Thorne notes.

Particularly dangerous are mineral soda waters with different flavors, in which there is not only acid, but also sugar.

“No one says that you can not occasionally bathe a glass, but everyday consumption is really dangerous for oral hygiene,” Thorne told British Independent.

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