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“Heavy Bones” Can Not Be An Excuse For Excess Pounds

    I’m not fat, but I only have heavy bones.

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You may have heard this excuse repeatedly from people who have a problem with the excess weight, but the director of the Berlin Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, Jugen Ordemann, thinks that such excuses are pure nonsense.

-Bones can not be an excuse for fracture, said Ordemann.

He says female bones account for only 10 percent of total body weight, and men with 15 percent.

-The bone mass can be 10 percent depending on lifestyle and diet, which is negligible in relation to total weight, says the German doctor.

According to DPA, Ordemann clarifies that bone density has even less impact on total body weight, as it only takes up to 1.5 per cent in it.

-Overweight has nothing to do with “heavy bones,” Ordemann said.

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