Weight Loss

Which Hormone Is The Key To Weight Loss?

In our body there is one hormone that is key to weight reduction. It is a special enzyme, that is hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

We all have this traces in our body, and he is responsible for destroying the fat cells in the body. HSL works optimally when the level of insulin is low. This is because insulin is responsible for storing fat in our body.

Conclusion: We need a high level of HSL and a low level of insulin to increase the potential for fat burning.

“If any system works less than optimal, our body will counter any attempt to reduce excess pounds,” the site explains.

Because HSL is not present in our body in large quantities, it is important that we direct our body to produce more of this type of enzymes.

There are two exercises that can help you: through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and standing. Exactly, the standing itself that lasts for a longer period of time activates all the muscles, and this stimulates the production of HSL.

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