Horseradish The Strongest Natural Fighters Against Viruses

The season of flu and colds is slowly approaching, so any advice related to strengthening immunity is welcome. The strongest natural fighter against viruses is garlic, onion, red pepper, orange, potato, almond.

Do not forget about the preventive washing of the nose and throat with water in which you will dissolve sea salt, as well as the frequent drinking of lemonade

Seaweed also greatly fights with viruses. They can prevent them from occurring by as much as 50 percent. This is due to the rich composition of antioxidants, zinc minerals and selenium.

Mushrooms will also help you. So practice them as an accessory to the diet, such as in soups, stews, pizzas, etc.

Horseradish for better circulation

Roots of horseradish is a very healthy vegetable that helps to clean our body and eliminate harmful toxins. Also accelerates circulation, so it is recommended for all those who have problems with cold hands and feet.

Due to the large amount of vitamin C it is recommended to be taken especially during the winter days, in the cold and flu season.

From the horseradish are made medicinal syrups, teas, linings, and inhaling with this herb reduces the pain and inflammation of the sinuses. This healing root improves digestion, relieves cough, and stimulates sweating.

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