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How To Enjoy More In The Breakfast?

Science says it’s all up to shape: a current report demonstrated that the state of the dishes altogether impacts the amount we appreciate eating.

The results of this study show that the most effective way for a sleepy brain to “grasp” in the morning to eat and to be “grateful” is to eat from bowls with a quarter shape and standing.

In an experiment conducted in Oxford, involving 78 women aged 18 to 65 years, the examinees were divided into two groups.

For the first group, the cereals were served in common rounded bowls, and the other group ate from four bowls.

“The respondents from the first group were less satisfied with the meal compared to those who ate from four vessels. Also, the latter thought that the meal was more nutritious compared to the respondents in the first group, “said Jennifer Newson, who led the study.

“This experiment proves that ‘we eat with our eyes’, that is, a work on the overall impression of food quality and eating pleasure is very important as food is served,” she says.

The research also showed that if we eat breakfast while standing, we feel more satisfied with the meal.

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