Hunger Can Destroy Your Metabolism

Losing weight, it is often said, is due to the burning of more calories than they are ingested. But the sharp cuts of the calories you enter can affect your metabolism badly.

The theory of starvation of the organism has been heard by many people who are on the diet: if you do not enter enough calories, the metabolism is switched to a sleeping stage and will become thicker as when eating too much. Her name is “hypermetbolism”.

This theory is not pseudoscience, but is a natural reaction to the body and is a little more complicated than “calories inside – calories out”.

This state of metabolism helps us survive. This way of keeping the body calorie dates back to the prehistory, when the amount of food was unpredictable and the body had to get used to the conditions that surrounded it.

Our metabolism in such conditions has taught it to work slower, to suppress hunger and to stand for longer without food.

To start losing weight through starvation, you have to put your body in a very critical condition, in which you will consume less calories than you need for a longer period of time.

But that does not mean that you lose weight, but that means your muscle mass will decrease, so you will notice a drop in your weight.

If you want to lose weight, it’s much better, and even healthier, to have enough calories in your body, then exercise or be active to lose more calories than you previously had.

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