Kids Does Not Hate Vegetables, They Only Want To Eat it Artistically Delicious

    It is widespread that children simply hate vegetables, no matter what the taste is. Scientists still suspected that they did a study, which led to a different result.


It turned out that Massachusetts students were eating 30% more vegetables when food in the school dining room was cooked by a chef master. This study, proves that the fight against obesity in children is not lost.

Scientists have nevertheless found that yet the good presentation of fruits and vegetables will not have a long impact on their consumption. The results show that the taste of food in school should be emphasized. These results show that the school should not leave healthy food just because students initially accepted it poorly.

About 32 million children are fed into US schools every day, and many of the socially weaker students acquire the daily calories required for the body from school foods. The research proved that “through perseverance, children of school age can learn to want healthy whole grains, fruits and vegetables, especially if they are in good taste”.

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