Do You “Kill” Your Feet By Walking On High Heels?

Almost every woman in the world adores wearing high heels because they make her feel sexy, powerful, feminine and elegant. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are many beautiful women’s shoes on high-end boutiques, they are usually uncomfortable to wear, and after a few hours, instead of feeling attractive, women are tormenting serious pain in their feet, which makes them they want to go barefoot to home.

Be that as it may, ladies submit different sorts of pain to look delightful, and one of them is the pain in the feet of high heels. Since the greater part of you don’t plan to surrender this difficult joy, we recommend a couple of tips and traps on the most proficient method to manage this issue:

  1. Put one piece of slim cardboard on the floor, stand with his feet on it and draw their shape. Then, with scissors, trim the card according to the drawing line so that you get impromptu pads. Take the cardboard pads with you whenever you go shopping for shoes. Try inserting the insoles into the selected shoes. If they do not fit, it means that your shoes are too tight for your feet and fingers, regardless of whether they fit your number.
  2. Another approach to check if the shoes you are purchasing fit your feet is to pop the little finger from the arm between the back of the foot and the shoe while standing upright. The little finger should fit in the back of the shoe and there ought to be no pretty much space in it. Try not to tune in to any individual who says that your shoes will spread on the off chance that you are somewhat tight. Great shoes will be impeccably precise as long as you attempt them in the store.
  3. If the back of your feet gets out of your shoes while you move, that means they do not suit you.
  4. Refrain from wearing socks that too tight your feet when wearing high heels because they will cause you extra pain.
  5. Limit the time you spend in your heels.
  6. Cut nails on the feet, cut them flat at the tops.
  7. Tired, painful feet after a long party passing on high heels, soak them in a bucket of lukewarm water and soap, to relax a bit. Then, under running water, you can alternately run hot and cold water to improve their circulation. After finishing, wipe your feet well between your fingers and apply them with grease for circulation of menthol or foot cream, while giving them a gentle massage.

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