Do You Know Why Tour Teeth Hurt While You Run?

Although pain in the teeth during running does not have to be a big problem, on the other hand it can point to serious health problems.

“If you feel pain in your teeth while running, there are several potential problems,” said the famous dentist and member of the Academy of Sports Dentistry Jeffrey Lubmayer.

Let’s start with the good things first! As your feet touch the ground during running, the forces that affect the movement move up into your body.

However, if you firmly press the jaw or chicken with your teeth, you put a lot of pressure on your teeth.

This is one of the most common causes of pain in the teeth, and the solution to this problem is very simple:

It is recommended that you take care of the absorption of the forces, that is, do not press the feet firmly onto the surface.

Be that as it may, torment in the teeth amid running may likewise be an indication of different health troubles. To start with, it could be a flag for sinus contaminations.

In many people, the roots of the upper teeth are associated with the maxillary sinuses, the largest sinus canals that extend under the cheeks to the sides of the nose.

In the event that these sinus channels are chafed or under the burden of a contamination, the nerve will pass on the base of the teeth. In this way, when running, there will be sharp agony in your teeth.

What other health problems may indicate pain in the teeth?

Pain during running may mean various dental problems, such as infection and caries.

When managing any kind of preparing, you increment pulse that causes a fast blood stream that will just further increment the condition of contamination.

The caries on the other side are quite sick, because it comes to the exposure of teeth with the air when running and breathing.

When running, especially if the outside is cold, breathing enters cold air that stimulates the nerves and causes pain.

Fortunately, in most people these problems are not so expressed, but if you notice mild pain during running, it may be an alarm that some of the symptoms develop.

Before you begin to run, it is best to make a detailed medical examination, which includes a dentist’s visit.


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